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Chest strap vest type medium-sized dog large traction rope explosion-proof punch dog rope

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Saddle type pet chest strap
Exported to Europe, America and other 48 countries to focus on outdoor pets

Surround one  Breathable  Hand washable  Not easy to stick hair

Removable chest pad
Multiple wearing methods
Chest protector and chest strap are detachable design, using Velcro closure,
It can be separated at will, depending on the situation

Pet chest strap Break free

Shock absorption modules are added to the rear end and abdomen,
Effectively relieve pets from being hurt in the process of bursting, and escort the pet during outdoor sports

Full neck care

360 wrap-around pet chest and back, even pressure distribution, relieve stress
and consider the fit and support, and the light package protects the dog's chest and abdomen
Walking the dog out, the dog is comfortable

Just easily set. Gently buckle the upper head and the hip
One action completes the entire wearing process
From then on

Real American 3M reflective strip
Reflective design can be effectively avoided
Traffic accident due to light problems at night
Indeed help the owner find the lost pet position

Sandwich net cloth inside
High-strength hand grip
Convenient adjustment of Japanese word buckle
Aluminum alloy D type buckle
Woven with 3M reflective material
Duraflex buckle is easy to wear
Removable breast pad
Detachable personalized stickers

Multi-layer sturdy nylon handle
The design of the handle on the back is convenient for gripping
Easy to control your dog, nylon handle
Quality and durability.

Removable Velcro
Send a specified pair of personalized copybooks
Make your dog more personal

Stainless steel ring
Equipped with high-quality stainless steel ring on the back
The weight is just right, the details highlight the quality and strong

Heavy buckle
The biggest connection feature of the socket is easy disassembly,
Can do tool-free disassembly, buckle workmanship
Good quality, safe and comfortable (Note XS/S is with lock