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GCOL-The gesture controls Smartwatch

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The GCOL Watch lets users conveniently control their digital lives with simple hand, wrist, and finger gestures to trigger apps, photos, music, and many other smart features.

GCOL is powered by advanced hand gesture controls that can be fully customized for any watch function.

For instance, tapping a surface, snapping different fingers, turning your wrist, or simply tapping the back of your hand can trigger different actions such as taking pictures, answering and declining phone calls, playing music, controlling volume, setting timers, sharing locations.

GCOL also works as an accurate gesture control device for playing games in AR and VR using advanced motion sensing. Using your arm and wrist makes for more natural gameplay and make it more fun!

Streamlines your life using hand, finger, wrist movements and gestures to do almost anything on the watch.It adds convenience and speed to essential daily tasks and lets you get more done in your busy day.

Never Leave Your Work Behind

GCOL Watch is designed to keep you seamlessly connected to your most essential work tasks. Use simple hand gestures to reply to messages, view emails and answer important business calls.

Take advantage of your daily commute without opening your laptop – check your business calendar, set important timers and take notes anywhere. With GCOL, your workflow remains uninterrupted even while on the go.

Create Your Own Shortcuts, Access a Futuristic Life Using Wrist, Hand & Finger Gestures

Total Control of your digital world

Smartwatches and mobile phones have powerful features that we rely on throughout our day but they can be inconvenient to use while on the go.

Customize you own shortcut

GCOL watch goes beyond simple gestures and gives you a variety of ways to control functions.

Including snapping fingers, tapping on the forearm, tapping the back of the hand, and other movements that can define up to 33 control & shortcut functions.

Analyze your active lifestyle

GCOL Watch is focused on fitness and healthy lifestyles for busy people and includes 10+ activity modes for running, biking, yoga and more that deliver real-time stats during sports and exercise, helping users stay informed about their physical activity.

Therefore, the GPS-enabled system records data based on pace, distance, calories burned and more.

It’s perfect for sports, exercise and is IP67 waterproof for use during outdoor activities in all weather conditions.

RCOL Watch actively analyzes your sports performance based on live heart rate, actual calories burned, live workout pace. Helps you build a customized workout style.

Modern solution for modern life

RCOL Watch has a walkie-talkie app built-in for instant contacts and location sharing. No more missed calls form your loved ones. It makes connecting with friends easy by staying on top of the latest social posts and messages.

RCOL Watch is made with your modern digital lifestyle in mind. It keeps you going longer with 1-2 days of battery life so you don’t need to charge it constantly.

In the Box


  • working system

Google Wear OS wearables system

  • Display screen

1.39" OLED display screen (400*400 pixels)

  • processor

Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 2100

  • Memory

RAM: 1GB / storage: 16GB

  • GPS


  • Network connection

Bluetooth: Bluetooth v4.2/Wifi: WLAN 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

  • NFC payment

Google Pay TM (Taiwan does not support Google Pay payment service)

  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Sensor

Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic sensor,
PPG heart rate magnetic sensor, ambient magneto-optical sensor,
low-latency off-body magnetic sensor

  • Battery and charging

Capacity: 250mAH
Charging method: connect USB cable
  • Lifetime

Wisdom mode: 2 days;
Persistent mode: 30 days
mixed use: 2-30 days